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Elderly Abuse, Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawsuits

stethoscope on wrist of senior manOne’s lifetime is usually filled with experiences and contributions to loved ones, a profession, and the community. Toward the end of life, time and declining health takes its toll and often requires our loved ones needing help to navigate day-to-day living. This could mean daily in-home care by healthcare aides and even family members. Eventually, it may even require your loved one to leave their home and live in a nursing home or assisted living facility where they can receive the care they need to live comfortably and safely.

Unfortunately, not every nursing home is properly equipped or staffed to provide the care our loved ones deserve. In the worst cases, someone we love could become victim of injury or death due to negligence or mistreatment. These situations are unforgivable and must not be taken lightly. Your loved one and your family have rights and we are here to help guide you through the process.

Elderly Abuse, Neglect, and Nursing Home Abuse Settlements and Jury Verdicts

If you believe a loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect by a caregiver or at a nursing home, the laws in New York State provide legal means for you to hold those responsible, and pursue compensation for injury or death due to neglect or failure to meet standards of care.

Standards of Care for Elderly in Long Term Care or at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities that receive federal funds are responsible for providing quality of care, and compliance with New York State and Federal regulations and laws.

Unfortunately, far too many facilities serving the needs of the elderly fail to meet standards of care, and/or comply with federal and state regulations and laws designed to protect patients at long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents in New York State

New York State stipulates that every nursing home resident is entitled to:

  • Quality of care and treatment, without discrimination
  • Privacy in communications
  • Dignity, respect in a comfortable living environment
  • Safeguard of personal property and money
  • Freedom of choice to make their own, independent decisions
  • Safeguards in admission transfer and discharge to and from the nursing home
  • Participation in organizations and activities of one’s choice
  • Access to easy to use and responsive complaint procedures
  • The ability to exercise all of one’s rights without fear of reprisal

Any action to prevent or deny a resident of long term care or nursing home facility requires action. Not only for the benefit of one patient, but also because infractions will also occur against other residents.

Taking Legal Action Against a Long Term Care Facility or Nursing Home in NY

If someone you love is the victim of abuse, neglect, injury or death to negligence or mistreatment, compensation may be available.

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When someone you love has been hurt, you need more than a good lawyer.  You need a compassionate legal partner that is experienced and prepared to protect the rights of you and your loved one.

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