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E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy is a boutique firm based in Upstate New York with an elite criminal defense practice.  Our law firm has the benefits of a regional practice and the resources and ability to defend clients facing serious felony charges nationwide.

Our team of skilled trial attorneys, investigators and network of experts brings a comprehensive approach tailored to each client’s case.  We employ a maximum-pressure strategy in every representation during initial law enforcement investigations, at the pretrial phase of a case or in front of a jury at trial.

Although we are well known for our ability to handle the media attention that comes with high profile representations, we bring the same dedication to every case, whether or not it is front page news.  We focus on the people we represent, our relationship with them and their families.

Winning Matters

When it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney, there is no substitute for our dedication to winning the result that matters to you and your family.   We understand that when you face a criminal accusation, your life, livelihood and freedom are at risk.  Our decades of combined experience in the courtroom fighting for our clients has resulted in our unique strategy for defending our clients’ cases at all phases of the representation.

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Experience Matters

At E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, we have built a criminal defense legal team of successful, experienced trial lawyers and reliable, compassionate, and skilled staff members – all of whom are ready, willing, and able to fight on your behalf.

Our highly-trained criminal defense lawyers have served citizens from every walk of life throughout the greater Albany, NY / Capital District Region for decades. We put our years of experience to work for each and every client regardless of their physical location. View the areas we serve.

However, the majority of clients our criminal defense attorneys work with are normal people who have encountered a difficult situation, and that’s where we excel.

Cases We Handle

Facing an investigation or charge is probably the worst challenge anyone can face in life.  When facing criminal prosecution, getting the right result is the top priority for you and your family.  At E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, your right result is our top priority, no matter what type of case you have.  We represent people under investigation or charged with any type of crime, in many different forums. Please visit our specific defense practice areas pages:

Where We Work

We are ready, willing, and able to appear in State and Local courts throughout Upstate New York, administrative venues including Colleges and Universities, and in federal courts nationwide.

Free Case Analysis – Instant Access to a Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy also represents clients with the following criminal charges:

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