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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys explain Federal Crimes and Criminal DefenseWhy Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Federal Crime Experience?

Federal criminal charges are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office. As an Assistant United States Attorney, the prosecutor has significantly more time and resources to dedicate toward the prosecution of a case, compared to a New York State prosecutor.

Federal Charges for Individuals and Companies

United States Attorneys will aggressively pursue individuals or companies with Federal Charges for a variety of offenses against federal laws or regulations.

Should You Hire An Attorney When You Are Under Federal Investigation?

If you are under investigation, even if someone tells you that you do not need an attorney, it is in your best interest to retain private legal counsel as soon as possible to protect your rights.

In order for a lawyer to defend you, they must be licensed to practice in the federal court where the case is being prosecuted.

The Difference Between Federal and State Crimes

Many crimes are prosecutable in both New York State courts and federal district courts, requiring a defense to be mounted in both court systems.

What is a Federal Crime?

A federal crime is a violation of a statute passed by the United States Congress, typically a law or regulation of national concern. The U.S. government has become increasingly engaged in prosecuting drug and violent crimes, areas almost exclusively reserved to the states in the past. A state crime is a violation of a statute or ordinance passed by New York legislature or a local authority.

Why do Charges for Federal Crimes Require Special Expertise?

Federal crimes tend to be legally and factually complex. If you or a loved one face Federal criminal charges you will want to mount the strongest possible defense. An experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer from a reputable law firm with Federal Crime experience is highly desirable. Unlike a general practice law firm or criminal defense attorney with only municipal or NY State experience, a Criminal Defense attorney should have demonstrated experience with Federal cases.

Federal cases are typically more difficult to defend because Federal prosecutors come to the case with the support of investigation by federal agents from agencies such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and others. In addition, federal agencies may seek assistance from NY State law enforcement officers who work in prosecuting federal crimes. Federal crimes are usually prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office so the credentials of one’s Criminal Defense team are very important when choosing legal representation.

Federal crimes are prosecuted in US District Courts and the closest United States District Court for the Northern District of New York is located at 445 Broadway, in downtown Albany.

Federal Crime Sentencing Guidelines

A Federal conviction will not only give you a criminal record, it could land you or a love one in Federal prison for a very long time.


Image Source: Office of Legislative and Public Affairs United States Sentencing Commission


The Supreme Court has determined that although Federal guidelines should be a starting point, US District Courts are not bound by sentencing guidelines. Sentencing can include fines and probation and/or prison time and parole.

Sentencing will depend on a variety of factors such as seriousness of the crime, “base level offense,” special offense characteristics (such as fraud, robbery, etc.) and may be adjusted when multiple charges, acceptance of responsibility, and criminal history are factors.

View Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Companies

A criminal defense lawyer with previous experience in Federal crime defense will be better prepared to mount a defense against what are typically very complicated cases.

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, an award winning law firm, has highly specialized and dedicated attorneys with Federal Criminal Defense experience ready to mount a strong and effective defense against Federal criminal charges.

Choosing a Federal Defense Lawyer

Our Advice: Hire the most experienced attorney you can afford, as soon as possible.

You cannot put a price on freedom. Due to the complexity of Federal charges, an experienced attorney is worth every penny. However, a qualified defense does not necessarily have to cost more. Considering our legal fees are very reasonable, and our attorneys are dedicated and experienced, you’ll find an exceptional balance when you hire the E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy legal team.

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