Commercial and Estate Litigation: Preeminent Commercial Litigation Attorneys Serving the Capital District and Upstate New York

Firm handshake of a lawyer with his commercial litigation clientThe law offices of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy is known across the Capital District, Upstate New York, and statewide for formidable representation in business and commercial litigation. Our experienced, commercial & estate litigation lawyers handle a diverse range of litigated matters in state and federal courts, from contract disputes with outside parties to internal conflicts among partners and shareholders.

Real estate disputes may center on contractual obligations, title to property, boundary line disputes or possessory interests. Whatever the nature of the dispute, the experienced attorneys of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, can assert your rights and protect your interests.

Serving Albany’s Capital District region, Upstate New York, and across the state, we represent businesses, developers, construction companies and other parties on either side of commercial real estate litigation. Our New York has a solid foundation in real property law, business law, and property taxation to offer both courtroom advocacy and effective dispute resolution.

Upstate New York Commercial Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

We handle the full spectrum of legal conflicts over commercial property, including:

  • Real estate transactions (breach of contract, fraud, escrow or earnest money)
  • Title disputes and title insurance litigation
  • Commercial lease evictions
  • Commercial property foreclosures
  • Construction litigation
  • Zoning and land use litigation
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Eminent domain/condemnation
  • Property tax reduction and abatement (tax certiorari)

Our attorneys will pursue damages, injunctive relief or other legal remedies with the full resources of our firm, or fight to protect you from unjust claims brought against your company.

Superior Reputation

Commercial Business Offices

We enjoy a reputation for excellence in our trial and appellate practices with regard to all of the matters we litigate. One of our firm’s senior partners and commercial litigators, James Hacker, has been listed in Best Lawyers in America consistently since 2009 for his knowledge, trial skills, and consistent results. He is widely regarded as a leading and preeminent trial lawyer with specialized experience in commercial litigation.


Attorney Hacker and partners David R. Murphy, Thomas J. Higgs, and John F. Harwick direct our prestigious commercial litigation division. Together, they have served as lead counsel in commercial cases involving multi-million dollar settlements and property disputes. Our commercial litigation attorneys also routinely help small business owners resolve all types of matters on a daily basis.

Our team has represented corporate interests as large as Verizon, Inc. and QuadGraphics Inc., and as small as a husband-wife partnership involved in a start-up business. Our team of partners and associates offers more than 100 combined years of litigation experience.

Cost-Effective and Superior Handling of Disputes

We are skilled litigators with superior trial skills. This does not mean, however, that we advise every client in every situation to head straight to the courtroom to battle it out. In fact, the excellent reputation of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy is sometimes all that is necessary to prompt opposing parties to negotiate fair and reasonable resolutions.

We never forget or take for granted that cost-effective resolutions are the best possible outcomes for our clients. That is why we pride ourselves on our ability to find the right resolution for our clients’ specific disputes, including through negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. To that end, we (generally) do not start out in an adversarial stance.

However, make no mistake: When a matter cannot be resolved through agreement; and when our clients’ rights and best interests are at stake, we confidently take the matter to court. Throughout each and every step in your case,  you will have a tenacious advocate fighting to protect your rights. Our Albany commercial litigation lawyers proficiently and capably will assert your interests in pre-trial motions, discovery, settlements, hearings, final trials, and appeals.

Matters We Handle

Our proven and highly-skilled legal team have significant experience mediating, negotiating, settling, and litigating a variety of legal matters, including the following:

Many Commercial Litigation Matters Center on Real Estate Disputes

In the commercial world, real estate transactions of all sizes occur on a daily basis. Naturally, some of these transactions result in disputes that necessitate the assistance of legal counsel to sort through. Real estate disputes may center on contractual obligations, title to a property, boundary line disputes, or possessory interests.

We are proud to represent businesses, developers, construction companies, and other parties on either side of commercial real estate litigation.

Whatever the nature of the real estate dispute, our Albany commercial litigation lawyers have the specialized experience to assist you in this often complex area of law. Specifically, our commercial litigation team has a solid foundation in real property law, business law, and property taxation to offer both courtroom advocacy and effective dispute resolution.

We Never Stop Learning

In order to best serve our clients, our Albany commercial litigation attorneys spend significant time and effort to continue our education and maintain our high level of legal services. We attend conferences, seminars, and other instructional courses in order to remain current on developments in the law and legal landscape. We make it a priority to learn about legal trends in New York and the country that may affect our clients. As leaders in the field of commercial litigation, our Albany commercial litigation lawyers also serve as instructors and guest lecturers.

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