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Disorderly Conduct in NY

Hiring a Defense Attorney for Disorderly Conduct in New York State
NY City Police

In New York State, disorderly conduct is a violation, which is not considered a crime. As such, a disorderly conduct conviction will not result in a criminal record, unlike misdemeanor or felony convictions. It is important to understand, a disorderly conduct conviction could still result in up to 15-days in jail, fines and/or community service.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer right from the start is good advice. An experienced attorney will protect your rights and will work to have disorderly conduct charges dismissed or reduced.

Sentencing Guidelines for a Disorderly Conduct Conviction in New York State

As a violation, a disorderly conduct conviction may not appear to be a big deal. That is, until you are sentenced to jail time or community service that negatively impacts your work, family and social life.

Conviction of Disorderly Conduct in New York State could mean:

  • Up to 15-days in jail
  • Fines and/or
  • Community service

If you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct, it will be in your best interest to hire an attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney is uniquely qualified to address these charges on their own, or when accompanied by misdemeanor or felony charges. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the faster they can act to protect your rights and reduce the impact of disorderly conduct charges on your day-to-day life.

Our defense lawyers are committed to defending you against any and all charges you may face and will seek the best possible outcome for you and your family. Learn more about the E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy Law Firm.

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