Oil in Draining WaterIf your property in New York was damaged by an oil spill, you have a right to seek compensation for damages and cleanup expenses from the spiller under New York’s Navigation Law. At E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, our attorneys are experienced at both prosecuting and defending these claims. We represent property owners and petroleum companies throughout the entire State of New York.

Representing Property Owners

Oil spills can devastate delicate wetlands, rivers, lakes, shorelines, and land. When an oil spill occurs in New York, the spiller is responsible for cleanup expenses and damages.

Under New York’s Navigation Law, spillers are strictly liable for damages caused by the discharge of petroleum products into navigable waters. In other words, property owners do not have to prove that the spiller was negligent. All they have to prove is the dollar value of the cleanup and damages. Damages may include lost of property value and other losses resulting from the spill.

Representing Companies Handling Petroleum Products

We are one of the leading Upstate New York law firms in the area of commercial litigation. Our lawyers represent petroleum product companies in front of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with regard to spill cases, Article 78 reviews and administrative compliance matters.

New York Administrative Defense Lawyers

Our knowledgeable legal team handles dispute resolution cases, such as:

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