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Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys and Injury Lawyers Serving Albany, NY

Criminal Defense • Injury Law • Business Law • Tax Disputes • More

Albany needs a law firm that it can count on. It’s the state capital, a place with people on the move. Millions of residents, business people, and visitors travel to or through the metro every day.  People need to know where to go for aggressive criminal defense attorneys and injury lawyers.

Albany, New York

Accidents happen, deals run afoul, conflicts arise, and mistakes are made.

We understand.

As a longstanding Albany, NY law firm, E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy exists first and foremost to protect our clients’ legal interests and give them peace of mind. After all, a legal battle is nobody’s idea of fun.

You probably never dreamed that you’d need legal representation for the situation that you find yourself in, and you likely have your eye on an expedient, affordable, and advantageous outcome.

You undoubtedly recognize that the stakes in any legal proceeding are very high, and they could affect your future, your family, and your career.

The Albany, NY, office of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy

We care about what happens to you. We make a personal investment in each of our clients, so that we’re never just their lawyers. We’re they’re advocates, too.

We want to fight for your very best interests. We want to pursue not simply a good outcome, but the best outcome. And we want to do that without putting extra stress on your shoulders.

That’s exactly our reputation: High-quality and aggressive legal advocacy that makes a big difference in people’s lives. Our aggressive Albany lawyers have an outstanding record of success. We practice in many different areas of New York law, and we’ve displayed a real capacity for victory in all of them.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are suspected or accused of a crime in New York, you shouldn’t expect the system to protect you on its own.  And you don’t want to hire a lawyer who will sit back, hoping things work out for you.  Police and prosecutors work hard to arrest and convict people, but they make mistakes all of the time. They overreach, they rely on unfair or illegal evidence, and they seek punishments that don’t fit the alleged crime.

When someone is under investigation by federal or state law enforcement, it can become impossible to rest easy.  When under investigation, it is natural to scrutinize everything you have done before and everything you are doing now.  If you are under investigation, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney  No matter what police or the media tell you, hiring a lawyer because you are under investigation doesn’t mean you’r guilty.  It means you’re smart.  It’s natural to think that police investigate to find the truth.  That’s wrong.  The FBI, NY State Police, DEA, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement investigate people to make cases: by making arrests, getting convictions, and locking people up.  At E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, we know that the people who hire us because they under investigation are smart enough to know that when you’re under investigation, you need someone involved in the process to protect you and to represent your interests.

If you are charged with a crime, and you don’t yet have a lawyer, there is literally nothing more important in your life than to get the best representation you can find.  Once someone has been charged, the system kicks into high gear to convict and punish.  Statistics show that, on average nationwide, 97% of cases end in a plea bargain. Those who go to trial to fight for their innocence often face a steep added penalty if they lose, known as the “trial penalty.”  This gives prosecutors an unfair advantage and incredible leverage to coerce guilty pleas from defendants.

The criminal justice system itself holds immense power.  If you are charged with a crime, you need an advocate who is not just willing and able but also experienced in standing up against that system.  An advocate who knows the weaknesses that exist in any system, and the skill to exploit them.  We challenge the police and prosecutor’s offices ever day, and we fight for our clients’ freedom.  We are aggressive criminal defense attorneys. Let us help you in your hour of need.

Injury Law

Between insurance companies and prosecutor’s offices, so much of our work is dedicated to defending “the little guy” against giants. Individuals deserve a voice in New York. Too often, the system denies them that voice in the face of powerful insurance companies or government entities. But with aggressive lawyers on your side, all that can change.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed, as a result of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. Don’t count on defendants or insurance companies to treat you fairly, though. Often, aggressive legal action is the only way to get you the money you deserve. Our lawyers are ready to demand every penny that you’re owed.

We have extensive experience in a broad range of injury claims, including:

Business Law & Commercial Litigation

Our law firm enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the Capital District.

With more than a century’s worth of experience in New York business law, our name has become synonymous with formidable and aggressive legal representation in commercial litigation in Albany.

We know business law, we have an eye for advantageous deals, and we know how to sidestep potential pitfalls.

Our New York commercial litigation team is headed up by firm partner James Hacker, who has been repeatedly recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America for his skills as a litigator and negotiator.

We protect our business law clients and put their best interests first. You can count on our law firm to assist with:

  • Bad faith insurance litigation
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Business formation
  • Collections & payment disputes
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Contract drafting & negotiation
  • Corporate liability issues & advice
  • Discrimination and/or sexual harassment claims
  • Eminent domain litigation
  • Non-compete agreements (challenges and/or enforcement)
  • Property tax disputes
  • Much more

Access Our Entire Legal Team Today – Albany Lawyers You Can Count On

At E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, you can rest confident in knowing that an expansive and multi-disciplined legal team is fighting on your side. We work with the best of the best, including outside experts and other resources, to put you in the best possible position – whatever your legal interests may be.

Contact us today for a free phone consultation by calling (518) 486-8800 or scheduling a confidential, in-person meeting with an attorney at our Albany, NY office (or at any of our other locations in Schenectady, Troy, or Saratoga Springs).

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