Attorneys at E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy routinely handle cases involving alleged negligence and other misconduct by professionals. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants alike in cases that run the gauntlet of occupational disciplines: medical professionals, mental health providers, attorneys, accountants, engineers and architects, veterinarians, insurance agents and brokers—we have handled matters concerning alleged errors, omissions and even alleged intentional misconduct across these fields.

We are well acquainted with the theories of liability and defenses that commonly recur in these cases, and build our case management plans from intake to trial to capitalize on our experience. Our approach is immersive. With careful study and expert support, we learn the technical principles at the heart of a case to give you our best advice on liability assessment and our most vigorous advocacy in court.

We also represent business and professional licensees in disciplinary matters brought by New York State licensing agencies including, among others, the Department of Education, Department of State, Department of Financial Services, State Liquor Authority, and Department of Motor Vehicles. We represent licensees at all stages of these proceedings: we can assist you through the agency’s initial audit or investigation, defend you in an agency’s disciplinary hearings and, when necessary, appeal the agency’s determinations in special proceedings in New York State Supreme Court.  Our attorneys have lectured to New York professional organizations on matters concerning the regulation of licensees, investigative procedures by New York regulators, and licensees’ rights.