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Injured by a Falling Object? You May Have a Legal Case

Construction worker on scaffolding prone to accident in New YorkWhen injured on a construction job site due to falling debris, Section 240 of the New York State Labor Law, provides special protection for construction workers hurt in height-related accidents, recognizing the danger to workers below.

If you or your loved one suffered serious injury from fallen objects at a construction site, the experienced lawyers of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy can capably hold the contractor and/or property owner accountable. We have recovered compensation for head trauma and other injuries on behalf of clients who were struck by objects from above. Contact us now for aggressive representation. We will fight for you and your family.

Upstate NY Attorneys Experienced in Falling Object Construction Injuries

Section 240 makes the general contractor or site owner strictly liable for the safety of all workers on the site. While generally applied to workers who fall from heights, the law also covers co-workers on the ground or working directly below a scaffolding, ladder or roof. Our attorneys will pursue damages for any injury from above:

  • Dropped tools and equipment
  • Falling construction debris
  • Tipped ladders
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Roof or ceiling collapse
  • One worker falling onto another
  • Crane accidents (snapped cable, etc.)

We are skilled at maximizing compensation for severe injuries common in falling object and roof collapse accidents: concussion and traumatic brain injury, chest injuries, spinal cord injury, serious fractures and lacerations.

We have the professional resources to identify lapses in safety, such as failure to tie down or secure materials, lack of guardrails, failure to provide hard hats or failing to establish a safe zone beneath activity at heights. While it is not necessary to prove specific negligence in Section 240 lawsuits, the investigation can counter claims that the injured worker was at fault or reveal negligence of third parties such as another subcontractor.

It is important to note that we can also represent “civilians” injured by falling or flying debris from construction sites.

Albany Lawyers for Workers Hit by Falling Debris

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy has served injured construction workers in Albany and the Greater Capital District for decades, and regularly travel to represent injured workers in Upstate New York, Central New York and the Hudson Valley.

We offer meetings at your convenience at any of our four law offices in Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, NY, or at a location closer to you.  Call us today at (518) 274-5820 or contact us online for a free consultation. Timing is important in a construction accident lawsuit, so please do not delay.