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Fall from a Roof? We Are Here to Help

Fall From Roof Construction Accident Injury Albany LawyersExperienced and Compassionate Work-Related Injury Attorneys

Serving all of Upstate New York  and the Hudson Valley

There are few construction jobs as dangerous as working on rooftops. The height, the pitch, the weather and the unsure footing leave little margin for error. New York State’s Labor Law Section 240 acknowledges the inherent hazards and grants special protection to construction workers and others who work on roofs.

The Albany, NY-based lawyers at E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy have extensive experience with lawsuits for personal injury or wrongful death for roof-related accidents. We hold contractors and property owners accountable for medical treatment, lost income, and lasting effects of falling accidents or roof collapse.

If you or a loved one suffered a roof fall injury on the job, time is of the essence, contact us immediately. We will work with you to clearly explain your rights and explore all potential claims, including Section 240 lawsuits, workers’ compensation and legal actions against third parties.

How to File a Roof Fall Injury Lawsuit in NY

Section 240 of the NYS Labor Law holds general contractors and building owners strictly liable for unsafe working conditions or faulty equipment for any height-related accident.

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy regularly represents construction workers, roofers, HVAC workers and others tradespeople who were shingling, erecting roof trusses, installing gutters, or inspecting or repairing roofs.

We were able to professionally identified safety lapses in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Lack of roofing brackets or hooks
  • Failure to provide safety harnesses or guardrails
  • Inadequate ladders or scaffolding
  • Slips on loose shingles
  • Rainy or high wind conditions
  • A crane that knocked a worker off the roof
  • Roof collapse (including injuries to workers below)
  • Objects falling from roofs

In addition to fatalities, falls from roofs commonly cause back injury or paralysis, head trauma, and broken legs, arms or ribs. When these accidents result in surgical repair, long-term disability or permanent injury, our experienced trial lawyers stand up to the insurance companies to ensure our clients are compensated fairly, especially if they can no longer work construction. While prior results do not guarentee future outcomes, our past construction related injury settlements can provide reassurance to you and your family that we take these situations seriously and will fight for your best interests.

Upstate New York Fall Off Roof Attorney

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy has served injured construction workers in Albany and the Greater Capital District for decades, and regularly travel to represent injured workers in Upstate New York, Central New York and the Hudson Valley.

We offer meetings at your convenience at any of our four law offices in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs, NY, or at a location closer to you. Call us today at (518) 274-5820 or contact us online for a free consultation. Timing is important in a construction accident lawsuit, so please do not delay.