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Legal, Judicial and Law Enforcement Defense

Defense Attorneys for Lawyers, Judges and Law Enforcement Professionals in New York State


We defend attorneys, judges and law enforcement professionals in New York State.

Those active in the enforcement of law, and defending others are not exempt from being subject of professional conduct investigations and/or criminal charges.

Professionals working in the NY State Legal System and Law Enforcement agencies are held to standards similar to other NY State licensed professionals and medical professionals and subject to allegations and charges of professional misconduct. Accusations, even when without merit, can be damaging to one’s reputation, career and quality of life.

In addition, criminal misdemeanor or felony charges can permanently derail one’s career, damage one’s professional reputation, and/or result in suspension or revocation of one’s license to practice in New York State.

With one’s license and lifetime earning potential on the line, you need qualified, aggressive legal representation to protect your rights and your career.

Lawyers, Judges and Police: Professional Conduct Defense in New York State

Are you a lawyer, judge or law enforcement professional charged with professional misconduct or a misdemeanor or felony charge? You realize, more so than the general public, how quickly such an allegation can derail a career and personal life.

When to Hire a Defense Attorney

Are You Under Investigation?

Despite your potential familiarity with the legal process, you should never speak to an investigator without legal representation. Whether you are the subject of a professional conduct investigation, internal investigation, or criminal investigation – you will want to hire an experienced defense attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights. This is not an admission of guilt, but rather a proactive assertion of your rights.

The E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy Law Firm is recognized nationally for excellence and has earned the respect of our legal peers.  Our defense attorneys are experienced in representing other lawyers, judges and law enforcement professionals in protecting their reputation and careers.

Impact of Criminal Charges on Legal and Law Enforcement Professionals

A criminal conviction will change every aspect of your life. Your career, social and family life will be impacted; even if it is determined you are not guilty of any wrong-doing. The sooner you engage legal representation, the better the chance to reduce irreversible damage to your career and life.

E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy Law – Defending Legal and Law Enforcement Professionals Since 1898, and Ready to Represent You.

The defense attorneys at E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy Law represent lawyers, judges and law enforcement professionals facing any and all investigations.  As a top-rated law firm in New York State, E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy Law delivers aggressive, affordable criminal defense representation.

Contact us for a Free Professional Defense Consultation either by phone or schedule a confidential in-person meeting with an attorney at one of our convenient offices in Albany, Schenectady, Troy or Saratoga Springs, NY.

Urgent Legal Matter?  Call Us Now.  Our attorneys are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays.  We are here to help.