Patrick L. Seely, Jr., Partner

Patrick L. Seely, Jr., PartnerProperty Tax Certiorari and Exemption

Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Commercial and Property Disputes

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Pat’s breadth of experience permits his clients to efficiently navigate property valuation disputes to the best results.

More About Pat

Pat applies his 25-plus years of experience in the law of New York property valuation and Court rules to assist his clients in navigating real estate appraisals and exemptions for a wide range of properties.  These include power plants, transmission, and distribution wires and pipelines, offices, apartments, condominiums, golf courses and all types of land in property tax and eminent domain matters.  Pat’s practice reaches State-wide starting with the greater Schenectady, Albany, Troy Capital District area.  He has also tried cases in White Plains and on Long Island, north to Plattsburgh, Watertown, and Oswego, and west to Rochester and Binghamton.  His clients often face intricate valuation methodology questions whether attempting to apply the cost, capitalization of income, or comparable sales approaches to valuation.

Pat applies these principals in eminent domain and property tax certiorari proceedings to obtain his clients the best results possible while maintaining a professional relationship with an opponent with whom his clients must often continue working long after their matter ends.

Bar Admissions

State of New York
S. District Court, Northern District of New York
S. District Court, Southern District of New York
S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit


Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, Albany Law School Union University
Law Review: Albany Law Review, Executive Editor for Business
Honors: Member, Justinian Society
Honors: Trusts & Estates, Estate Planning, Professional Ethics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts
Honors: Monsignor Kavanaugh Medal for Best Paper on Religious Architecture


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Professional Affiliations

New York State Bar Association
Albany County Bar Association
New York State Assessors’ Association

Speaking Engagements, Publications, & Conferences

“Defending a Certiorari Proceeding,” Review and Reduction of Real Property Assessments in New York, Lee & LeForestier, New York State Bar Association, Chapter, 2000